An Introduction to Piano Accompaniment

Once you are familiar with the C major family of chords (those made when playing the C major scale with a series of root triads as follows: C major – D minor – E minor – F major – G major – A minor) it’s time to start working on accompaniment. When playing a chord… [MORE]

Swing Rhythm Strumming Patterns for Guitar

Swing rhythms aren’t only found in Jazz. They turn up all over the place – from children’s songs like Humpty Dumpty and Half a Pound of Tuppenny Rice, through to popular songs like When I’m Sixty-Four and She’s Electric. In fact, they can be found in every genre of music. As such, it’s an important… [MORE]

A Selection of Chord Progressions for Guitar

Pretty early in your guitar lessons, you’ll start learning chords. At first, there will be simple open string chords, such as E major and A minor, but it won’t be long before you progress to more complex chords, like Cmaj7, and barre chords, like F#m7. To help memorise the different shapes involved, you can search sites like Ultimate Guitar… [MORE]