Single Page Guide to Reading Music for Piano

Most music pupils, when faced with the challenge of learning to read music, seem to view it somewhere between witchcraft and learning a foreign language – either of which is somewhat daunting! Thankfully, learning to read music is nothing like either of these… or anything in between. Musical notation is a simple and logical system used to write… [MORE]

Learning Traditional and TAB Notation for Guitar

Not long after starting to learn guitar, you’ll come across music written in either traditional notation or TAB – most likely both. While it’s possible to play chords without being able to read music, everything else, from scales and arpeggios to riffs, melodies and pieces requires you to read music. Thankfully, the concept is very logical and… [MORE]

A Guide to Major and Minor Chords

Not long after starting to the learn the guitar or piano, you’ll find yourself faced with chords – A major, C major, E minor and so on. On the guitar these are learned as chord shapes, such as a D major chord shape or G7 chord shape – the notes that make it up aren’t… [MORE]