A Selection of Chord Progressions for Guitar

Pretty early in your guitar lessons, you’ll start learning chords. At first, there will be simple open string chords, such as E major and A minor, but it won’t be long before you progress to more complex chords, like Cmaj7, and barre chords, like F#m7. To help memorise the different shapes involved, you can search sites like Ultimate Guitar… [MORE]

“Fake” Classical Exercises for Piano

What on earth is a “fake” piece? Instead of the music showing every note the composer put down, “fake” music strips out the melody only and labels the relevant accompanying chords throughout. For example, if we did this for Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No. 1, the original looks like this: And the “fake” looks like this: A… [MORE]

Guitarist’s Guide to Sharps & Flats

When you start learning the guitar, it’s not long before you come across the musical alphabet: A B C D E F G. Having played a few tunes using these notes, you’ll soon notice that some frets are missed out. Take the high-E string, for example. Fret 1 is F, then you skip the next… [MORE]