ABRSM and RGT Exam Dates for 2017

Somehow it’s almost April already and the Spring terms is nearly at an end… and I’ve not yet posted the dates for the ABRSM and RGT exams. There are two dates you need to know if you’re looking to enter an exam. The first is the closing date, which is – surprise, surprise! – the […]

Practice Chord Progressions for Piano

If you’ve been learning to play the piano for a few months, you will probably have started getting to grips with a number of scales and their triads. C major tends to be the first one, as it consists entirely of white notes. Expanding out from this, you’ll cover G major (one sharp) and F […]

Nursery Rhymes for Guitar

I would be the first to admit that, when reaching for my guitar, the first thing I think about playing is not a nursery rhyme. That said, here are three good reasons for giving them a shot. Firstly, most nursery rhymes are generally well known, which means you don’t have to worry too much about working out […]