A Guide to Major and Minor Chords

Guide to ChordsNot long after starting to the learn the guitar or piano, you’ll find yourself faced with chords – A major, C major, E minor and so on. On the guitar these are learned as chord shapes, such as a D major chord shape or G7 chord shape – the notes that make it up aren’t presented as important, it’s all about the shape. On the piano, chords tend to be presented in a similar fashion – three notes (usually in the left hand) in a set shape: C major being a root position CEG, F major being a second inversion CFA etc. Again the notes themselves aren’t explained – the emphasis is on the shape.

The attached PDF is not intended as an in depth guide into chords in general, but really just an explanation as to what notes make up major and minor triads… and why.

Here is it: A Guide to Major and Minor Triads.pdf

If you have other questions about chords, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer (or maybe produce another guide).