The Music Studio

The somewhat grandly-named “Music Studio” is a three-room building at the top of my garden in Alton, Hampshire. Built in 2007 (and extended in 2017), it replaced the former, one-room studio in my house. This is the place where I work, study and play my various musical instruments.

Although the studio is in my garden, you can see from the photos below that it is a proper building, complete with heating, electricity, double-glazing, carpets, CCTV, Wifi and everything else a teaching studio could require, including a waiting room with tea, coffee and biscuits.

The Piano AreaThe Piano Area The Guitar AreaThe Guitar Area The Effects AreaThe Effect Area
The Office AreaThe Office Area The Refreshment AreaThe Refreshments Area The Waiting AreaThe Waiting Area

For more information on the digital piano in these photos, check out the post here.

The Hall Music Studio is located in Edward Road, Alton, GU34 2EX. For directions, here’s a Google map: