ABRSM and RGT Exam Dates for 2017

Somehow it’s almost April already and the Spring terms is nearly at an end… and I’ve not yet posted the dates for the ABRSM and RGT exams. There are two dates you need to know if you’re looking to enter an exam.

The first is the closing date, which is – surprise, surprise! – the last date you can apply to enter an exam in the current term. The closing dates below are for online entries.

The second is the exams date range. This will let you know the window of dates when the exam is likely to be scheduled for. There are options to request specific weeks and these are usually taken into account.

ABRSM Exam Dates

Closing Date Exam Dates
Spring Term 20 January 6 March – 8 April
Summer Term 12 May 12 June – 15 July
Winter Term 29 September 6 Nov – 9 Dec

ABRSM Exam fees are here

RGT Exam Dates

Closing Date Exam Dates
Spring Term 1 February March / April
Summer Term 1 May June / July
Winter Term 1 October Nov / Dec

RGT Exam fees are here