Open Mic Night Video

Here’s a little video from the last open mic night at the Secret Garden in Alton. I performed a couple of songs I’d written on the guitar.

The first is called Out Here In The Country, which is kind of love a song, until you know what the background to the song is.

I wrote the second one, Don’t Fall For Me, quite a while ago, but I hadn’t performed it in public before. It seemed to be well received… were it not for my off-the-cuff closing comment!


Ranges of Common Orchestral Instruments – Written & Sounded

When composing for orchestral instruments, it’s important to know what notes they are capable of producing… and whether or not they are transposing instruments. For example, the lowest note of the Bb trumpet is E3, but on the sheet music, this is written as F#3, a tone higher.

Hopefully the PDF below will help with this somewhat brain-melting concept.

Ranges of Orchestral Instruments

Remember, if you need any assistance with orchestral compositions or music theory, I teach composition and music theory up to grade 8.

Orchestral Instrument Names in English, Italian, French and German

As the title suggest, here is a list of orchestral instruments with their English, Italian, French and German names.

Though these rarely come up in the normal course of music lessons, this information is required for music theory exams from grade 6 onwards. It’s also usual for reading orchestral scores as, for example, Beethoven scores use German instrument names while Verdi scores use Italian ones etc.

Download here: List of Orchestral Instrument Names

If you are studying for a music theory exam and need any support or guidance, I offer music theory lessons in person in Alton, Hampshire, and online up to grade 8 and degree level.