Learning Traditional and TAB Notation for Guitar

Notation for GuitarNot long after starting to learn guitar, you’ll come across music written in either traditional notation or TAB – most likely both. While it’s possible to play chords without being able to read music, everything else, from scales and arpeggios to riffs, melodies and pieces requires you to read music.

Thankfully, the concept is very logical and it won’t take long to work out how both traditional and TAB notation. Most beginner guitar pupils get to grips with either format in only a few weeks.

In the PDF link below, you’ll find my single-page introduction to notation for guitar. This is aimed at beginner guitarists or those who have only just started guitar lessons. If you’d like more in depth information on any aspect of guitar notation and theory, please do contact me.

Here’s the PDF: Notation for Guitar.pdf

All the best with your studies!