Piano Lessons in Alton, Hampshire

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The piano is one of the most versatile instruments in the world, allowing users to play both melody and accompaniment across 7 octaves, while leaving them free to sing (if they so wish). As such, it lends itself to a vast repertoire of music across all genres and styles, from simple nursery rhymes to full-on piano concertos, from thumping rock songs to intricate jazz improvisations … and everything in between. As such, it is the most popular instruments to learn, with around 30% of children taking it up at some point, more than the next two most popular (guitar and violin) combined.


I have been teaching piano to pupils of all skill levels and ages for 23 years, and my desire is to see my pupils not only achieve but exceed their goals.

To give you an idea of the sort of things that may be covered when taking piano lessons with me at the Hall Music Studio, here’s a quick list:

  • Practical Technique – developing the necessary skills, dexterity, strength and feel to be able to tackle music of all levels. And yes, there will be scales!
  • General Musicianship – learning how music works, how songs and pieces are structured, how keys are used and why.
  • Reading Music – predominantly using treble and bass clef, though other clefs may be learned as required.
  • Aural Training – developing your ‘ear’ – your ability to hear, recognise and replicate music, and, if desired, singing.
  • Different Genres – including Classical, Rock / Pop, Jazz and improvisation.
  • ABRSM Grades – popular for both children and adults, and a great way to keep track of progress. However, learning to take exams isn’t the aim – progress is.
  • Performance – tackling the various issues involved in getting up and playing in front of other people, whether it be in your own home, a concert hall or even a stadium.

Lessons take place at the Hall Music Studio in Alton, Hampshire.

Piano lessons are conducted using my Yamaha CP-300 digital piano, which I have found works better as a teaching instrument than my upright piano (which now lives in the house). For more information on why I believe it is better to learn on a digital piano, check out my post “Why Digital Pianos Are Best For Piano Lessons”.

The Yamaha CP300

Lesson fees for 2017 are as follows:

  30 mins 45 mins 60 mins
Piano Tuition £22 £30 £38

As always, the first lesson is FREE, with no obligation to come back for more.

As a rough guide, beginner lessons (grade 1-3) last 30 mins, intermediate lessons (grade 4-7) last 45 mins, and advanced lessons (grade 8+) take the full hour and sometimes more. That said, some pupils prefer to spread their lessons out, taking 45 mins every two weeks instead of 30 mins every week – this is particularly true of adults.

If you’d like to find out more about learning the piano, and learning the keyboard, please do get in touch using the contact box in the sidebar or here.