Major Pentatonic Fretboard Images

How’s that for an exciting title!

A while back I posted the five patterns (C, A, G, E and D) that can be used to play pentatonic scales on the guitar. Since then a few people have asked me how these patterns link together and how to work out what key they are in.

In response, I have put together a series of twelve images showing the complete fretboard for every major pentatonic scale. Imagine that!

As you’ll see from the images below (if you click on one of the images, it’ll pop up nice and large) there are red and blue dots arranged all over the fretboard. The blue dots the root notes, while the red dots are the other four notes in the pentatonic scale. For example, in the A major scale, the root note is A and the other notes are B, C#, E and F#.

The C A G E D shapes are all labelled.

Images for all the minor pentatonic scales will follow soon…