New Studio Policy for 2017-18

It’s that time of year when I try to catch up with all the stuff I keep putting off, most of which is paperwork. One item in particular is now complete – the new Hall Music Studio Policy.

The policy comes into effect in September and goes as follows:

The teacher (that’s me) wants to teach and the student (that’s you or your child) wants to learn. My role as teacher is to shape the way my students practice, my students’ role is to do the practice – if you don’t practise you won’t progress. The HMS golden rule: practice is not homework, it’s how you learn to play.

Fees for lessons will be reviewed annually, during the summer holiday with any changes coming into effect in September. If there is an increase, I will give current students notice of one term, which means their lesson fees will change in January.
From September 2017 fees are as follows:

Lesson Length 30 mins 45 mins 60 mins
Price per Lesson £22 £30 £38

Lessons may be booked & paid for on a per-lesson basis or in batches. Please give me forty-eight hours notice if you are not going to come along for your lesson, otherwise I will have to charge for the lesson (which I don’t like having to do). There is no charge for cancellations due to illness, bereavement or other exceptional circumstances.

While not all students want to take exams, it can be a great way to gauge your progress. If you would like to take exams, please let me know and I will incorporate this into the teaching plan. All entry fees are to be paid for by the student. Exams may only be taken if we are both in agreement.

In case of any accidents when you are on site, the Hall Music Studio has a public liability insurance policy of up to £2.5m. I recommend that students have their own insurance policy to cover their instruments, just in case.

The PDF version of the studio policy is here: Hall_Music_Studio_Policy.pdf

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