The Bees Are Back

For those of you who don’t know, the roof of my studio is an apiary, aka a place where I keep bees. Or rather a place where I used to keep bees. Sadly my hives suffered in the long 2015 winter and I emerged into 2016 no longer a beekeeper for the first time in […]

Piano Pedalling Exercises

One of the piano’s great assets is the sustain pedal, allowing you to let go of keys without the notes being cut off. Other, older keyboard instruments, such as pipe organs and harpsichords, had no way of doing this (nor are they touch sensitive, another thing that sets the piano apart!) In traditional pianos, depressing the pedal […]

Broken Chords for Piano

As those of you who take exams as part of your piano learning will be aware, broken chords tend to die out after the first couple of grades. Arpeggios come along and – like the red squirrels around here – those poor broken chords are superseded, never to be seen again, unless you go to the […]