RGT Grade 1-8 Scales

rgtFor those who have acoustic guitar lessons and want to take graded exams, you may have found that the ABRSM only offer classical guitar exams. All is not lost, however as the RGT – Register of Guitar Tutors – offer graded exams for acoustic guitar in association with the London College of Music Examinations. For more information on the RGT, check out their website here.

As a quick reference, here are the scale requirements for each exam level:

Preliminary Grade C & G major (1 octave)
Grade 1 D major & A natural minor (1 octave)
Grade 2 A major & A Dorian mode (2 octaves)
Grade 3 G major, A nat minor & A Mixolydian mode (2 oct)
Grade 4 E major, E nat minor, E blues (2 oct)
G, A, C & D major (2 oct – fretted = no open strings)
Grade 5 All major/nat minor/blues scales (2 oct – fretted)
Grade 6 All┬ápentatonic major/pent. minor (2 oct – fretted)
All major scales (1 oct – in 3 fingerboard positions)
Grade 7 All Mixolydian/Dorian/harmonic minor scales (2 oct – fretted)
All natural minor scales (1 oct – in 3 fingerboard positions)
Grade 8 All┬ámajor scales (1 oct – in 5 fingerboard positions)
C major in 3rds & 6ths (1 oct)
G major in 10ths (1 oct)

All grades also include the scales from lower grades.
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