Web Resources

ABRSM Website – this is the main musical instrument examination body in UK (and possibly the world). Here you will find information on practical and theory exams including syllabi, music and advice.

Registry of Guitar Tutors – this is another examination body, specifically for guitar and ukulele exams.

IMSLP Website – home of the Petrucci Music Library, where you can find printed and recorded music that has entered the public domain (i.e. it’s free to share and copy).

BBC Learning: Music – there are links to various BBC Music resources here that may prove useful.

Composers on Classic FM – great source of info on many Classical composers.

AQA Past Papers – if you’re studying GCSE music with the AQA exam board, this is a valuable resource.

MuseScore Sheet Music – MuseScore is a very handy piece of free music notation software. I use it to write out music for myself and my pupils, and there’s a wealth of scores available online by others.

PianoEscort – on this YouTube channel, there are a number of accompaniments for cello pieces (and other instruments).

Guitar Tuna App – this is the tuning app I use for all my instruments (it includes purchase options for tuning almost any other instrument you can name) and it’s available on iOS and Android

Andertons Music Store – based in Guildford (and online) this is my music store of choice, though it’s worth mentioning that other music stores are available!

Guitar FX Layouts – this is a great blog full of  veroboard layouts for electric guitar pedals, should you wish to make your own.